Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes

March 12, 2022  9:00am

Laona Senior Center  Laona, WI

Mike Biese, Lyle Weyers, Mary Thornton, Gregory Schab, Jake Pororski, Dave Velie, Derrick Puestow, Glenn Dommer, Scott Schneider, G.Scott Sievers, Terry Lukas

1.Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance     The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. The Pledge of Allegiance was said.

II. Additions to Agenda:    The Chamber of Commerce Visitor Guide

III. Adoption of December minutes     Mike read December Minutes, Dave made motion to approve, seconded by Derrek.  Motion carried.

IV. Treasurer’s Report     Lyle gave the treasurers report. Jake made motion to approve, Dave seconded it. Motion carried.

V. Old Business

Argonne Connector– State owns trails, Forestry Dept assisting in writing up master plans which will include the Wolf River State Trail. Hwy Dept aware of bridge project, requested 1 year notice to secure gravel for project. FCP would like trail to turn off near Argonne Lumber. Mike B., Travis from Forest Dept. and DNR personal to do an area assessment of Argonne connection. Project discussions will continue, continues to have 3-year completion time frame.

Ride Committee – Ride Committee has been meeting by phone conference and has set up Poker Run Ride May14 – Sept 17. The Committee worked with Spectrum to design the poker run  ride books that people can purchase for $10.00 from the businesses. Sept 17,2022 the FCATV club will have its end of year meeting at Hollywood Hills Campground in Crandon. Closing meeting will be celebratory with a Band, Raffles, Gear sales, and Prizes. Jake made motion to approve $500.00 Total for prize money for Sept 17,2022, Derrek seconded. Motion carried.  May 14 meeting will be held at Jars 9:00A.M., afterward ride to Wild Rose for meal, end at Wild Cat Den in Wabeno. Mike may announce an April Ride to Clean up Trails, he will use ATV site/ FB to post time and date. Gregory S. introduced himself. He and his wife Janie are new owners of the Hiles campground. They have a son with Autism and would like to plan a special needs ride next year. They are making the campground more ATV friendly and want to promote this to our club members.

Equipment Updates – Grader repaired and ready. Case Tractor has not had any work done, follow up with Keven Kerner regarding repairs and time frame. Lyle made payment of $ 10,000.00 down for John Deere tractor from Riesterer and Schnell. Financing better with Riesterer and Schnell went with them instead of Laona State Bank. Tractor to be delivered to LMS in Laona where Randy will meet dealer to look over equipment and check hitch needed for other equipment. Discussion on Box on Drag needing updates, Dave will check on cross box from LMT. ATV club owns 2 chain saws, Glenn has one. Discussion on Equipment placement and to utilize school fab labs or Black Well Job Corp to assist with club’s project needs. Mike will check into new drag.

A. Membership report77 Businesses, 42 Singles, 153 Families for a Total of 425 members.

New Goal for 500 Members this year! Mike setting up Pay Pal account for easy membership sign up, which will be implemented soon. Mike displayed stickers that arrived for businesses and members. They will go out to businesses with the new 2022 maps.

B.  Maintenance – Dave will assist with coordinating volunteers who will help with grading different sections of trails and equipment.

DMaps –   2022 Maps are here-  Mike has one box, others in storage. 4 Businesses did not pay for add on map; Jodi to follow up with them. New member stickers to go out with maps. Jake making new map boxes, depending on demand may reach out to schools or Blackwell Job Corp to build some.  Jodi back in April to discuss getting maps to businesses.

New Business        

Trail Update – Mike attending Tri County Mtg March 23 at River View in Mountain WI. Tri County group formulating action plan for the Forest Service to get them engaged in overdue projects that are impacting trail improvements. Argonne extension at the State. They are rewriting master plan for entire WRST.

 Discussion on meeting with FCP regarding trails projects. Terry (FC Forestry Board) reported bridges will not be done this year and Cedar Core has contract.

Motion made by Jake to purchase Warning signage for Wolf Trail, Himley Lake, and Blackwell Connector, Dave seconded. Motion carried.

Banking Authorization – Lyle Weyers agreed to let club use his new home address in Seymour for incoming mail until his term is done in September. Motion made by Dave to continue with banking authorization be given to President – Mike Biese and Treasurer Lyle Weyers, seconded Jake. Motion carried.

ATV/UTV Grants Update   – Grants were given to Dept of Tourism regarding 3 Counties for advertising and promotions. Club to reach out to share needs we have and to network with new partners.

New Gear – Request for updated gear for this season; with can koozies, hats, shirts, and hoodies. Mike checking on prices and dates.  Mike will pick a day in April to clean /organize storage unit.

Visitor Guide   – Lyle noticed 2022 Chamber of Commerce booklet of Forest County has the wrong club address and outdated map. Terry L. added that the Chamber did not have the staff available to get all the updates. Club needs to follow up with updated material.

 Jake Made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Dave  Motion carried.

Next Meeting April 9 at 9:00 at the Laona Senior Center.

Respectfully submitted by

Mary Thornton- FCATVA Secretary